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How to optimize your kitchen with digital tools

By Anna-Sofia Jonsson, 31 Oct 2019

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Most digital efforts you commit to will have a positive impact on your restaurant, your employees and your customers. And most of them can’t pass unseen. However, some things are just not meant for your customers to be aware of – just benefit from. Instead, they should simply take note of the excellent service you provide.  


A digital kitchen makes way for a better customer experience

A point of sale system (POS) that integrates all the steps from table availability to checkout doesn’t involve the customer directly, yet it allows for faster, more reliable service.

A digital, complete system allows:

  • Your servers to use a mobile device to take orders
  • Bar/kitchen staff can read the order off their wall displays instantly and begin to prepare food and drinks before the server has even left the table
  • The order is registered into your POS system
  • The server can use integrated payment terminals to split checks, give the customer the option to leave a tip and print the final receipt while remaining at the table


Taking orders - mobile device or tablet

Giving your staff the right tools will help increase your effectivity while keeping the total costs down – and mobile solutions is one great tool. Rather than making your staff run back and forth to the POS display to register every order, your server can remain available to your guests as he/she remains among the tables.

As soon as the order is finalized and active it will pop up on the kitchen and/or bar display and be processed. In addition, as your employees will never have to stand at the register, efficiency and customer service will automatically improve alongside the availability of your staff.


A kitchen display system (KDS) secures precision

The kitchen displays are there to support the kitchen staff and reduce the risk of mistakes by showing the current orders it’s modifications. Someone may want broccoli instead of mashed potatoes or the sauce on the side for example.

The system will also keep track of orders containing several dishes, such as starters, main courses and desserts, without each chef having to come up with their own system to remember. Easy-peasy.


Read more about Trivec KDS in this post


Split checks, print final receipt and reduce running with integrated payment terminals

As the order is submitted the information is simultaneously passed on to the checkout system and with an integrated card terminal, you can download the bill directly to the terminal without having to leave the tableside.

Thanks to our collaborations with local payment providers, you can have any number of card terminals connected to one POS, and in simultaneous use without blocking the POS, allowing you to take multiple payments at the same time. With a click of a button you can split a check in 10, print the final receipt right at the table when it’s time to leave.

The system doesn’t only benefit the guest, it also simplifies the payment transactions for your staff.


The customer experience

This kind of integrated system has the potential to elevate the customer experience, reduce stress among staff and increase your profits. Making life easier for your employees means they have more energy left over to make customers feel welcome. It will free up employee time and allow restaurants to focus more on atmosphere, menus and outstanding service.

We’re talking about the good stuff.


Your next steps

How do your customers pay for their service? From payment methods (online, phone, card payment with room for splitting bills and leaving tip, etc.) to integrated and connected checkout systems, there are ways to make the checkout easier on customers and on yourself.

For smaller establishments, such as a cafés or bars, restaurant pagers that signal customers when their order is ready to be picked up will eliminate the need to call out orders or run back and forth to tables.

What POS system would be appropriate for your restaurant? The initial investment pays off in the long run, and benefits both staff and customers. Table management, mobile ordering and payment, kitchen displays, and business insights might be advantageous for you.


The Digital Restaurant

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