How can you make your guests spend more money? Well, here we share our best tips!

The personal treatment


The first impression a guest gets is often decisive for how the guest experiences the "feeling" at the restaurant. Why not ask a friend to visit your restaurant and tell you about the experience - from the meeting with the butler to ordering and paying. How was the service, the atmosphere, the tonality of the staff, the acoustics, etc? In the wake of the pandemic, we long for the personal meetings so use that (as long as the pandemic lasts, it should of course take place according to the rules). If you can create a wonderful first impression and then continue on the same path with good service then maybe people also spend more money.

Increased digitization in the wake of the pandemic

Today, there are several digital tools and apps that can help you increase the level of service. More and more restaurants are choosing a combination of digital and physical treatment, especially as a result of the corona pandemic. According to a report from Deloitte, guests spend 20% more when they are allowed to use digital aids when ordering food. It is not the digital itself that makes them spend more without the effect of it. They can order whenever they want and easily change or add something to an order.


DIY - do it yourself is becoming increasingly important for customers

Shaping Foodservice Through 2020 Technomic, reports that 72% of consumers expect DIY options in restaurants, which can be to create their own pizza, or choose spices and accessories to create their own dish. Guests who feel involved in the order feel more satisfied. Another emerging DIY trend in Europe is self-service for beer, wine and other beverages. Where you build "beer-walls" and the guests serve themselves.


Be aware of ongoing trends

Restaurants that are aware of consumption trends are often at the forefront. Here are five trends you should keep in mind.

  • Consumers want healthy and environmentally friendly alternatives

  • Convenience continues to drive purchasing decisions - make your food available for ex delivery

  • Digital services continue to increase in popularity

  • The restaurant industry must adapt to Millennials and Gen Z.

  • Personal experiences and innovative food

Offer take away and delivery

Consider the possibility of offering take away, grocery bags or products produced by the restaurant. Why not also offer healthy snacks that can be eaten with a clear conscience? According to a study by Mintel Customer Snacking UK, 66% of adults eat some form of snack or snack every day.

Reduce food waste

Review the menu and offer options that are up to date, feel trendy, modern and innovative. Let an ingredient be included in more dishes or offer a few fewer dishes, all to reduce food waste. Be transparent when it comes to ingredients and origins. More and more guests are demanding healthy and organic alternatives and are also willing to pay more for it.

Digital solutions for reduced food waste


For those of you who want to keep track of your stock and your supplier orders in order to reduce your waste and get a handle on costs linked to revenue, there are today many digital solutions that help you with inventory, analysis, smart menu constructions and much more.

Interested in Trivec and our integrated partner solutions for inventory management read more.

Looking for ways to improve service, order and delivery? Read our short white paper on how to digitalize your restaurant!

How to digitalize your restaurant (PDF)



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