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Environmental-friendly time savings when using a kitchen display system (KDS)

By Anna-Sofia Jonsson, 3 Oct 2019

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The kitchen displays may work silently in the background, but this type of technology can really make all the difference. It changes how your entire restaurant is performing. Efficiency, delivery and customer satisfaction are three examples of possible improvements.


KDS, what is it?

KDS stands for Kitchen Display System and is exactly what it sounds like – displays used in the kitchen that help the staff be more efficient and precise with their deliverables. In short, you could say the displays can replace the printer used in most kitchens today but that wouldn’t be completely fair to the printer. Either one you choose – just a KDS or the combination of both a KDS and a printer – it will simplify the communication in the kitchen and reduce the risk of errors due to the human factor.

A KDS system is always integrated with your restaurant POS system, and can’t function without the connection.


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How the digital kitchen display system works

The kitchen displays are there to support the kitchen staff and reduce the risk of mistakes by showing the current orders it’s modifications. Someone may want broccoli instead of mashed potatoes or the sauce on the side for example. The system will also keep track of orders containing several dishes, such as starters, main courses and desserts, without each chef having to come up with their own system to remember. Easy-peasy.

One process consists of several steps:

  1. The guest will order, and a member of the staff will register the order, through a tablet or the POS system display. All orders show clearly which course is the starter, main and/or dessert as well as potential changes. Such as the potatoes being replaced by broccoli.
  2. As soon as the order is registered in the POS system it will show up on the kitchen display(s).
  3. The chef can see the incoming order and will mark it as active once it’s being prepared.
  4. Inactive orders (such as main courses following the starter) will be put on hold and placed in a different view. A clock will start to count the waiting time.
  5. The next course is started once the next course is marked as active. Preferably when the waitressing staff collects empty plates from the table.
  6. The process starts over from #3 when the next meal is marked as active.

If the kitchen staff wishes to use more than one display (showing only what is relevant for that station) it’s easily done when installing the displays.


Win-win when you save time, money and make an environmental-friendly choice

We know, kitchens can get very busy. The kitchen displays will support the staff during stressful times by keeping the orders well sorted by colors (if wanted), current status, incoming orders and what’s next on the to do-list. The chefs can let go of the stress, and simply focus on what they do best – to cook.

By improving the kitchen’s efficiency, reducing the risk of mistakes, improving the food quality and service you can put all your focus towards creating an unforgettable customer experience. You are in control of what goes on at every table and you have exact numbers on waiting time as well as what they are waiting for. At all times.

The human factor is minimized

Chefs are very creative people, especially when it comes to keeping the vouchers in order. Like all new things and systems, the kitchen displays may seem complicated at first. However, the displays are very intuitive and getting everyone up and running is a short process. In short everything will be moving along like nothing ever happened – except at a higher pace and with less mistakes.

The environment

How many receipt paper rolls does your kitchen use in a month? A year? More than a couple I would assume. However, although your environmental impact is minor, the usage of paper is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about the environment. And plastic, of course. But, if all restaurants around the world would eliminate the usage of receipt paper in the kitchen – it would make a tremendous difference.

Also, we can’t talk about the environment and not discuss food waste. The kitchen display system will help to reduce the number of mistakes, and the results will be less food waste. Simple as that.


Keep track of inventory by using digital reporting

No data is removed from the KDS unless you have actively decided not to save that data. All served dishes are saved in the history tab and can be accessed at any time.  This way, it’s easy to access the relevant numbers at the end of the day (or month depending on your preference) to compile the number of tunas, pancakes or pizzas that have been sold during the day.

The summary can be used when restocking your inventory. If you would like to simplify it further – you can integrate your POS system with a system for inventory and base the numbers of off the KDS.

In addition, you can identify statistics for cooking time, wait and many other factors. The possibilities are endless.


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KDS is the right choice for everyone – disregarding of size, goals and processes

As you’ve noticed by now, a kitchen display system will help you accomplish a lot more than saving paper (which is a great environmental action!). And there are many more aspects, many that we haven’t discussed in this post. Every restaurant is unique in its way and have their own ways of doing things. Therefore, a KDS must be flexible – in order to fit all types of restaurants and styles.

It’s easy to think that a kitchen display system is only for bigger restaurants that go through a great many orders per night. But in fact, kitchen displays can be just as efficient, if not more, for a smaller restaurant. Regardless of which outcome you expect (shorter waiting time, less stress for your chefs, a better customer experience or to implement a more efficient way to work the kitchen, etc.) a KDS is the right choice for you.


Do you want to know more about how Trivec’s kitchen display system can help support and improve your kitchen and restaurant? Contact our experts today to find out how we can take your restaurant to the next level together.

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