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Trivec Troopers: Jenny Westerberg

By Anna-Sofia Jonsson, 5 Dec 2019

Get to know the Trivec team through our blog series: Trivec Troopers. In this post you'll get to know the Group CMO, Jenny Westerberg.

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Get to know the Trivec team through our blog series: Trivec Troopers. In this post you'll get to know the Group CMO, Jenny Westerberg.


Name: Jenny Westerberg
Title: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) since August 2018.

Favorite quote:

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten!


First off, what is a fun fact about your hometown?

Everything in my hometown Karlskoga is named after Alfred Nobel or Bofors. Alfred Nobel owned Bofors (manufacturer of cannons) until he died, and we are very proud of that heritage.


Tell me, how did you find your way to Trivec?

I have worked in the software industry and in marketing for the last 20 years, basically half my life 😊 I love the industry, always lots of things going on in the technology space and you can never sit back and relax.

I was headhunted to Trivec to build up the marketing department in Europe, since we never had worked with marketing before in a professional way, and it was very much needed. I really liked the challenge to build something from the beginning, where I must roll up my sleeves and do the groundwork as well as the strategic parts, long-term vision and goals.

What motivates me is to build something, set up a plan, goals, get started, get the right people onboard, follow through, optimize if it doesn’t work, and see the results. I love to see results, so I am quite competitive have I realized. Having fun at work is also important and I am a people-person who likes to chat and know how people are feeling and doing. I really hope I can inspire my team to be both competitive and caring.


If you could write your own job title that best describes what you do at Trivec, what would it be?

Wow that would be a long title, which for sure does not exist. I work with everything from our internal sales processes and CRM, to attracting potential customers, engaging with them, converting them, building loyalty, digital sales, but also buying Christmas presents for our staff. So many different things.


Name your top 3 favorite podcasts.

  1. The Tony Robbins podcast (love this guy, my favorite quotes are from him)
  2. Framgångspodden
  3. The James Altucher show


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Spending time with my family and friends along with skiing, hiking, travelling, enjoying good food, going to the gym and reading books.


Five quick questions:

  • If you had a superpower, what would it be? To fly
  • Do you have any hidden talents? I played the accordion when I was younger, this always make people laugh since they can’t believe I have done that. But I didn’t practice enough so I quit after a few years.
  • If I asked you to cook dinner for me, what would I be served? Fish tacos with pickled red onion, guacamole, mango and chili mayonnaise.
  • Do you have any obsessions? Skincare, and yes, I buy too many products.
  • You’re going on a road trip and can only bring three things – what do you bring? Mascara, toothbrush, underwear (and my phone…)

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