This month we are meeting the chef who’s career to a huge turn when she decided to become an important part of our support team in Stockholm. She enjoys spending her time outdoor, and dreams of travelling to Lofoten or South America. On her Bucket List you will find things like diving with whale sharks and volunteer to work with wild animals in Africa. This month, we are meeting Susanna Dufva.

Name: Susanna Dufva

Official title at Trivec: Support technician since 1,5tekniker sedan 1,5 år tillbaka

Favorite quote:

Det ska va gött o leva annars kan det kvitta

[Note: This is a Swedish saying from an old song sang by Galenskaparna & After Shave and translates to "One should live a good life, as for the rest I could not care"-ish.]


Tell us something fun about your hometown?

Söderhamn has it’s own festival for eating surströmming (fermented herring).

[Note: there is a common belief around the globe that all swedes eat surströmming (fermented herring) which is not true. It is a part of the Swedish traditional cuisine that was more common to previous generations. And yes, it smells really bad.]


What has your career path been like, leading up to joining Trivec?

Before I joined Trivec in 2019, I spent 13 years in the restaurant industry. Mainly as a chef, which has been a lot of fun!


I can tell you enjoy being in the kitchen. But you chose Trivec, how come?

I got the opportunity to try something completely new, in a new industry and with a great group of colleagues. It was tempting and challenging, so I decided that it was my next move.


What is the most fun part about working at Trivec?

Honestly, the most fun and luxurious part is to spend every day at the office with our office dogs.

[Note: The Stockholm office, where Susanna works, currently has three office dogs: Semlan (Susanna’s dog) and Eddie, who are regulars at the office. And Pelle, who’s become very compfortable with working from home during the pandemic.]


Tell me, who is Susanna when she is not working?

I am very social and like to stay active. In my freetime I love spending time outdoror. With friends or at a restaurant – and of course my dog comes along!


Where would you travel if you could go anywhere?

I want to go to all the places where I have not been. But the top two destinations on my list are: Lofoten and South America.


Which three four words would others use to describe you?

I was about to say down to Earth, but apparently that was not the correct word. 😅 I asked my friends and they said:

  • Cheerful
  • Caring
  • Funny
  • ... and driven


I suspect a person like you has a bucket list. Would you care to share?

Yes! Topp three on my list are:

  1. Travel in a camper van
  2. Volonteer in Africa and work with wild animals
  3. Dive with whale sharks


Is there anyone in the restaurant industry that you look up to a little extra?

I admire all the restaurateurs and head chefs that opposes a hierarchy system in the kitchen.


Five quick questions:

  • You are buying three scoops of ice cream, which flavors do you choose? Ice cream is not one of my favorites. Possibly soft ice cream with licorice sprinkles.
  • If I asked you to cook dinner for me, what would we eat? Asian, and preferably several dishes
  • Who would you offer the lead role to, in the movie about Susanna? Haha, umm... that is hard! My best friend Danielle maybe…
  • Do you have a lucky number? I have to say 16, which was the number I wore on my jersey when I played football
  • Favorite restaurant? There are so many, but Sturehof is a long-time favorite

    Read more about our pos system for restaurant here.

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