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Trivec Troopers: Carin Ericsson

Af Anna-Sofia Jonsson, 21 jul. 2020

Fortsæt læsning - 4 min læsningstid

In this month’s Trivec Troopers you will get to know Carin, our Chief Human Resource Officer that joined the company in March this year. Read more about what her expectations were before joining Trivec, how the first few months have been in a raging pandemic, who inspires her and which three words her kids would choose to describe her with.

Let's get to know Carin Ericsson.


Name: Carin Ericsson

Official title: Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO)

Favorite quote:

Do not judge the book by its cover


It simply means we should not jump to conclusions and judge each other.


What has your career path been like before joining Trivec?

I like change, and I have worked within many different industries and business areas, in various roles. I have been in retail quite a bit, from cosmetics to hardware, in marketing, sales, and leadership positions.

In addition, I have worked at companies with different labor related questions. I enjoy starting new projects, developing new business structures, and establishing a business’ culture. I am in my zone when I get to work with developing both businesses and humans.


Why Trivec? Was there a deciding factor?

First, I got a great impression from the Trivec employees I met during the recruitment process. Secondly, the deciding factor was the opportunity to lay the foundation for the entire HR function and build up something new. It was extremely appealing and a true challenge – summarized in a fun job.


What do you wish to achieve at Trivec?

I want to contribute to Trivec being an attractive place to work, where there is room, and real opportunities for people do grow professionally. I want to be a part of Trivec’s growth and achievements. I want to develop a work environment that is systematic and becomes a good, common ground for all employees – which I thought that would be my first mission. But the pandemic decided otherwise.


What did you think would be your biggest challenge?

I identified early on that it could be a challenge to establish a company culture that all countries would agree to and live by. I mean, various countries have both cultural and labor related differences. But I think that these are part of a collective of opportunities that makes way for creating a strong company culture.


What were your expectations for your first few days and weeks at Trivec?

That there would be space for me to develop a culture based on values. I also expected an inclusive work environment where all employees are valued on the same premises.

I have really high expectations moving forward when establishing the foundation of the HR functionality at Trivec.


Describe your first few months at Trivec, during the COVID-pandemic. How has it been?

The first few months at Trivec have been quite drastic, since the COVID pandemic broke lose the same week I started working at Trivec. From one day to another everything changed, and we had new conditions to base operations upon.

The strategic work I planned for had to be set aside. Instead, I had to put all my focus into supporting the organization and its managers and employees, the best way possible when introducing and implementing the measures we needed to take considering furlough of various extent in our different regions. I have spent a lot of time reading into different countries Government support packages to help inform and administrate the furlough processes the best way possible.

Even though my first few months at Trivec have been very different to what I expected, I really enjoy being part of Trivec. All my colleagues are super helpful and nice, which has made me feel very welcomed!


What do you think will be the most fun thing about working at Trivec?

Like I have said, I am excited to be part of building the HR function at Trivec. Also, the IT line of business is new to me, but it is always fun learning a new trade. I am excited to learn more about Trivec’s offer and products.


How would you describe yourself, using only three words?

  • Straightforward

  • Empathic

  • Positive

How would others describe you?

This was difficult, so I had to ask my kids for input… they said: fun, fearless and generous.


What do you like doing in your free time?

Cook for my friends and family, go to concerts, and visit theatres, swim, winter swims (when the lake is frozen) and spend time in Stockholm’s archipelago.


Do you have someone you look up to within HR?

One person I admire, even though she is not in HR, is Karin Lindahl. She is the CEO and owner of Indiska. I admire her take on equality and her ability to listen to the employees that meet the customers daily. She has an enormous drive but is very empathic and is very empathic and brave. Being empathic and the ability to really listen are fundamental when you work with people in my opinion.

[Indiska is a Swedish lifestyle company established in 1901 that offers fashion, accessories and decor with unique touch and influences from all over the world.]


Five Quick Questions

  • Name your favorite restaurant. Currently, my favorite is Café Cuvee. They always serve good food, and the staff is very friendly.

  • You are going camping for a weekend with some friends, and you can only bring 3 things. What do you bring? I do not go camping. But if I had to, I would not go camping without Nicorette, sunglasses, and lipstick.

  • Name something you have done that you are proud of. As a parent, you are the proudest of your kids. But I am also proud of all the times I have gone against the norm, for example during a recruitment processes where I have put norms and traditional specification profiles aside.

  • Someone is creating a movie about your life. Who is offered the lead role? Nicole Kidman

  • Three scoops of ice cream – which flavors do you choose? Pistachio, chocolate, and raspberry


Thank you, Carin, for letting me take up some of your valuable time during the pandemic. We are so excited to have you on our team and look forward to all the great work you will do.

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