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Trivec Troopers: Thomas Stenbæck

Af Anna-Sofia Jonsson, 23 sep. 2020

Fortsæt læsning - 3 min læsningstid

This month we are getting to know our new creative superstar in Norway, the salesman that has worked at one of the best bars in the world, dreams of biking 540km through Norway and building his own house. We are getting to know Thomas Stenbæck.


Name: Thomas Stenbæck

Official title at Trivec: Sales Norway since March 2020.

Favorite quote:

“Throwing in the towel only leads to more laundry”

Can you tell us a fun fact about your hometown?

I am originally from Borlänge, Dalarna County in Sweden, which is neighboring with Eastern Borlänge (Falun).

[Do not get the joke? Do not worry! It is a local joke for people residing in Borlänge.]


Describe your career path, how did you end up at Trivec?

I have given the hospitality industry 10 years of my life, working at different bars and restaurants – among those the 19th best bar in the world. I have also worked as the Norwegian representant for Schweppes and played football at a high level with IK Brage.


Why Trivec? What was the deciding factor?

I chose Trivec because I knew I could use all the knowledge I have gained over the years in the business, along with it being a whole new challenge. I love the company setup, and the people working here. I have worked with Trivec’s products for many years, and I have always seen the company as market leading.


What do you think Trivec’s biggest challenge will be in Norway during 2020 and 2021?

These are special times, in which all companies and people are very careful due to the uncertainty. No one knows what is to come post Covid-19. The challenge for us is to lead, and help actors in the industry to make the right decisions for the future and adjust thereafter. We need have faith, that it will get better, and try to se the opportunities that are presented to us in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.


What is the most fun part about working at Trivec?

Since my first day, the welcoming has been nothing short of incredible. I am really impressed of how we all roll up our sleeves and help each other out when completing tasks. I am proud to be a part of Trivec, and all the things we stand for. It means a lot to me.


If you did not work at Trivec, what would be your dream job?

A football coaching career would have been interesting. I am hopeful to start coaching on an amateur level soon, to start building on the needed experience.


How would you descrive yourself using three words?

  • Cheerful
  • Creative
  • Positive


How would others describe you?

  • Humorous
  • Collected
  • Active


Name three things on your "Bucket List":

  1. Styrkeprøven (travel from Trondheim to Oslo on a bike - 540km).
  2. Build my own house or summerhouse
  3. Buy a boat


Where is your dream place to travel to?

A constantly recurring wish in my household is to visit the Apulia [Puglia, in Italian] region in Italy.


Is there anyone within the restaurant or hospitality industry that inspires you?

Everyone that is dedicated to providing exceptional service every single day, and will not allow any guests to have a bad experience. It is a tough line of business and either you have it in you, or you do not. Right people in the right place will take you to Guide Michelin, or similar, and beyond.


Five Quick Questions:

  1. You are going camping with some friends and can only bring three things, what do you bring? Matches, a hammock, and my dog
  2. If I asked you to cook dinner for me, what would you serve? Based on the local, Italian ingredients, I would have served a Ragu soaked with delicious wine
  3. You are buying ice cream, which three flavors do you choose? Vanilla, crunch, and caramel
  4. Meat, fish, or poultry? Fish
  5. You can only eat one dish for the rest of your life, what do you eat? Halibut with butter-fried potatoes and mushrooms

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