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[COVID-19] Together we are stronger!

By Daniel de Sousa, 17 Mar 2020

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These are extremely difficult times throughout Europe, especially for the restaurant and service industry with the advancement of the Coronavirus. I know our customers are suffering and trying to operate in incredibly difficult conditions.

We closed our offices in France yesterday after the French President informed that the entire country is now in quarantine. We have a selected group of employees who will remain available to support our French customers who can still be active. We are incredibly grateful that the Government of France is supporting affected companies, so our staff can stay home, with pay, and feel safe that their jobs remain.

The situation is not as extreme in the other countries we operate in (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Belgium), but we plan and prepare for similar scenarios there as well. We will always have local staff in place to support our customers who can still be active. We advise customers, those who can, to set up take away and home delivery options.

There is a "delivery module" that you can activate in the Trivec Domino POS system and thus get paid for the food in a smooth way. If you need help getting started, contact our local support in Belgium, France, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and we will help you.

In difficult times, collaboration is extremely important - together we are stronger and better equipped to cope with this crisis. We will do everything we can to support you as a customer through this crisis. And we advise you to carefully look at your government's crisis package and see what support you can apply for and begin that process today, if you have not already.



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