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Bar automation: What is it and why does my business need it?

By Anna-Sofia Jonsson, 5 Mar 2020

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Everyone that works in the hospitality industry is familiar with this: the need for more time, loads of product waste and incorrect orders, as they are all major sources of frustration when you serve your customers a drink. Thanks to a bar automation system you can regain control of your drinks. You prevent waste and you ensure faster service for your customers. In this blog post you will discover more about how bar automation works, and for which type of drinks it can be of use.


Regain control over your drinks

Bar automation ensures that all your beverage issues are logged - down to the very last drop. All these expenses are then summarized in your POS system, so that you always have an overview of what has been sold. This way, you also have a clear picture of what is, or is not, popular and you can adjust your assortment where necessary.

How this works? Easy. A special cap with a solenoid valve takes care of the data collection, and make sure your staff cannot pour more into a glass than your guest has paid for. In addition, it is no longer possible to distribute drinks to friends and acquaintances.

Waste is also a thing of the past. By the way, did you know that about 20% of all drinks are wasted? Too much poured into one glass? Or too little? A bar automation you ensure that every glass contains exactly the right amount. With certain systems you can set perfectly measured dosages that you can serve with a simple push of a button. Good for you and good for your customers!


Customers that receive timely service are satisfied customers

Bar automation can not only ensure that you prevent waste, but also faster service to your customers. For example, depending on your setup, a bar automation system can fill several glasses at the same time. Also, products such as the wine column ensure that the pouring itself is faster. By using wine bags that are connected to the device, you do not have to search for and uncork bottles. Instead: the touch of a button – and done!


Why bar automation is for everyone

There are different types of drinks, so naturally there are also different types of bar automation. Below we explain them briefly:

  • Beer taps: Our automated, beer tap provides 3 perfectly measured dosages – making loss a thing of the past! The faucet communicates with the cash register system, which ensures that you know perfectly which drink and what size has been sold, and how many have been tapped.
  • Wine taps: As we mentioned earlier, this wine column does not only provide control, but also faster service. The (cooled or not) wine is poured from wine bags, also known as "bag in box". No more searching for bottles or messing around with the corkscrew. Instead, all it takes is a push of a button, and you can continue with your next customer!
  • Liquor Control System: A liquor control system works with most alcohols and aperitifs, except for syrupy drinks. Thanks to pouring caps with a solenoid valve, you have complete control over your drinks, here too. Bottles are provided in advance with a pouring cap, which is locked with a tight seal. This way you can easily keep track of your inventory and no drinks can be served from unregistered bottles. Thanks to the 3 doses (Small, Medium or Large) you can serve every customer – no matter how thirsty.
  • Speed ​​rail bar: The speed rail ensures that you can pour drinks in bulk. On the top is a dummy bottle, with which your customers (and your staff) can see what you are offering. The drink is served from tanks stored in the basement (or under your bar) and connected to the device with pipes.
  • Beer Wall: This is our newest bar system and it is designed to minimize long queues, impatient customers and staff stress. It is a self-service system, where customers serve as their own bartender. This ensures that you can continue to offer excellent customer service, without increasing the number of staff members. An absolute must for festivals, hotel bars and self-service restaurants. The system can contain up to eight taps which are all connected to the Trivec cash register system to keep track of your customers’ spending. The tap is activated with a prepaid card that the customer carries with him. Once the card is charged with money – your customer can serve himself with beer, wine or other drinks! The beer wall also contains displays that you can customize to match your brand. Are you going for your logo, the product you offer or the balance of your customer's loyalty card? The possibilities are almost endless!


Is a bar automation system worth the investment?

The investment can be daunting for a newly started business within the hospitality sector, but even as a beginner this system is indispensable. In most cases, the investment is earned back within the year, just ask Thijs Berben, the manager of Versuz in Hasselt.


What can Trivec do for you?

Trivec is the European market leader in POS systems and bar automation systems for the hospitality industry. Trivec supplies tailor-made POS systems so that all cash register operations remain easy and become more efficient. Catering companies are more than welcome to contact us: along with restaurants, bars, cafes, food trucks, hotels, etc.


Curious about how we can take your catering business to a higher level? At Trivec we are happy to help you with your projects: contact us or request a demo today!



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