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We list the hottest trends in the restaurant industry 2024!

By Jenny Westerberg, 7 Dec 2023

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Dive into the Restaurant Industry of 2024, a world where innovation, sustainability, and technology merge to forge unique dining experiences. This post offers an overview of our in-depth 2024 Restaurant Industry Trend Report, available for download.

Trend 1: Affordable Dining Options on the Rise

Economic constraints are reshaping dining habits, prompting an increased demand for affordable yet high-quality dining experiences. Restaurants must now balance exceptional culinary offerings with cost-effectiveness, potentially boosting revenue and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Trend 2: Key Metrics, The Secret to Profitable Restaurants

Profitability hinges on mastering key business metrics. Modern restaurateurs must focus on daily sales, profit margins, and operating costs, including inventory, staffing, and overheads, as well as customer retention metrics, to ensure business success.

Trend 3: Technology, The Backbone of Restaurants

Embracing cutting-edge technological solutions is no longer optional. Integrating systems like POS, staff management, accounting, and inventory is crucial for streamlining operations, improving efficiency, and driving profitability.

Trend 4: The New Food and Beverage Paradigm

The demand for food that offers mental and physical health benefits is soaring. Trends like probiotic-rich and fermented foods, as well as adaptogenic herbs and CBD-infused products, are gaining traction, reflecting a shift towards mindful eating.

Trend 5: The Rapid Rise of Fast Food

Fast-food venues are outpacing traditional restaurants with table service across Europe. Their popularity stems from their ability to offer quick, convenient, and budget-friendly dining options, with flexible ordering through delivery services or dine-in options.

Discover all the 2024 trends in our comprehensive report, available for download.


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