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Trivec's favorite summer drinks and cocktails

By Anna-Sofia Jonsson, 20 Jun 2019

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My favorite summer cocktail has been mojitos since my trip to Brazil in 2014. It reminds me of the afternoon I spent at the rooftop bar/pool area of the hotel we were staying at, looking out over Copacabana. Right then and there, life was ridiculously great. A few of my colleagues are sharing their favorites below - enjoy!


Teresia Rasmussen, Operations Manager

Teresia_rund_hubspotFavorite summer drink/cocktail
Baileys/Coffee, not to confuse with Baileys coffee, since it can't (under any circumstances) be served with either milk or cream.

Simple and good - warm as cold. Perhaps a weird combination on a hot summer day, but a Baileys/Coffee is always a good idea. The warmer the weather - the less coffee 😉


Daniel de Sousa, CEO

Daniel_de_sousa_rundFavorite summer drink/cocktail
Gin tonic with dried lingonberries (I prefer a Swedish gin named Hernö)

It's as simple to make, as refreshing on a hot summer day. The perfect way to enjoy the Swedish summer at its best.


Thomas Bolinder, Teamleader support


Favorite summer drink/cocktail
Negroni (1 part gin, 1 part campari, 2 parts sweet/red vermouth)

Generally, Negroni is my favorite drink. However, to make it more refreshing in the summer I sometimes top it off with sparkling wine or soda water. It reminds me of the summer of 2016 when I won a cocktail competition. The goal was to rethink and create a new version of the Negroni. The winning Negroni can be found at a bar names 20hundra5 in Vasastan in Stockholm.


Jenny Westerberg, CMO


Favorite summer drink/cocktail

It's a new favorite of mine. A friend recommended it to me and thought I would love it. It's summery and refreshing with a taste of elderflower and sparkling wine.


Andreas Ekman, Key Account Manager

Andreas_rund_2Favorite summer drink/cocktail
Aperol Spritz

Därför att:
For me, it doesn't evoke any specific memories or feelings. I just like how you get the bitterness from the Aperol, the freshness from the sparkling wine and the sweetness from the orange.


Tobias Wallberg, Country Manager/CEO Sweden

Tobbe_rundFavorite summer drink/cocktail
An ice-cold beer

After a few hours spent on a beach on the coast of Italy, all I want is an ice-cold beer and a pasta vongole.


Fredrik Leijon, Project Leader/Sales

Fredrik_leijon_rundFavorite summer drink/cocktail
An ice-cold gin & tonic with grapefruit

After a long day in the sun, on a beach somewhere, it's hard to beat the taste and freshness of a large GT filled to the brim with ice, gin, tonic and grapefruit! Summery and flavorful - with a slight bitter aftertaste.


We wish you a great summer!

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