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Today’s customer require so much more than a simple POS

By Anna-Sofia Jonsson, 25 Sep 2019

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The word POS means so much more today than it has ever meant before. Point of Sale has always represented the event when a customer makes a payment in exchange for goods or services. But due to a rapidly changing restaurant environment the word now takes the customer experience into consideration and is moving towards: Point of Service.


No more leaving the table

“Thank you, let me go get your receipt” is a phrase that will soon be long gone. New and improved technology allows your staff to spend more time helping your guests by answering questions and staying close to the tables – rather than running back and forth to the cash box collecting receipts, coins and bills.

By decreasing the amount of unnecessary running time for your waitressing staff you achieve better customer experience, which leads to increased return business.

Happy customers will come back for more.


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Increase customer experience and return business

How, you might wonder. It’s simple.

  • Decrease running time for waitressing staff
  • Secure financial control
  • Offer unique and personalized experiences

The market today is dictated by the customer, in so many aspects – and the restaurant business is no exception. The right POS will allow you to provide the perfect experience for your guests and keep your operation running smoothly to maximize repeat business. A POS system is so much more than displays and terminals, it is a way of securing financial control at the same time as you provide the customer with what they came for. A unique and personalized experience.

We need to make sure we meet the visitor at their homefield by combining tablets, integrated payment terminals and self-service (if applicable) with an intuitive POS interface. Satisfied customers will return.


Streamline your business while keeping it local

Enable your restaurant to provide great guest experience across several locations by streamlining your business. By this we mean: a customer may visit one of your locations and absolutely love it, and then decide to return to your restaurant but at a different location – expecting the offers, service and menus to coincide.

By keeping menus, prices and promotions aligned and consistent, the visitor will perceive different locations as the same brand. Winning.

In addition, you can reduce time (and cost) spent adding/removing menu alternatives and promotions be centralizing the processes. Setup new menu items and go live at all locations simultaneously. However, make sure to allow necessary restaurants to promote local offers. They may have supporter groups coming in before big games, take part in community projects, be located on university campuses or arrange Single’s Day events. The reasons for local promotions are endless.

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