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The digitalization of Taverna Brillo gave more time to customers

By Louise Harvig Olsmar, 15 Apr 2021

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Fritiof Barat has worked in the restaurant industry for 20 years. Today he is department manager and foreman at Taverna Brillo. He sees the digitalisation of the industry as necessary, new technical solutions increase efficiency and give staff more time for guests.

- With Trivec Handy, we have time for our customers, Handy also makes the workflow inside Brillo much smoother, says Fritiof.

For Fritiof Barat, the digitization of Taverna Brillo has only been positive. For him and the staff, the key to success has been to test themselves.

- All restaurants are different and have different needs, we test new solutions together and weigh advantages and disadvantages for the staff, for the restaurant as a whole and for the customer experience, says Fritiof.

"Talk to the app" and order via QR-codes

The payment must be made smoothly and easily, something that Handy succeeds with, Fritiof thinks. In addition to being able to speak short messages in Handy, in addition to orders or plain free text, Taverna Brillo will now also offer its guests to pay via a QR code on the receipt if they wish. Guests then scan a code and pay with Swish, Apple pay, Google pay or a regular online card payment. In Handy, you can also send it to a payment terminal as usual.

Read more about our pos system, ordering and  payment app Handy here.

- We talk to the guests and offer them a choice, it is a perfect way to get feedback on how they think. If the pandemic has any upside at all, it is possibly that we have time to test new solutions and have had time to set new routines, says Fritiof.

Logical orderingapp for restaurants

The best thing about Trivec Handy is how it simplifies the way the restaurant works. The staff takes orders at the tables, orders are easily sent to the bar, kitchen and restaurant. The clarity of Handy, logical menu choices and speed are something that is appreciated by staff and guests. In Handy, the order is sent to the checkout and kitchen and the staff does not have to go back and forth to the checkout and log an order. This allows a waiter to take several orders when he is still out among the guests.

- Trivec Handy also makes all options or changes that guests have much easier to administer, just key it in and the kitchen gets it via a digital kitchen screen, says Fritiof.

Ordering app for take away

For Fritiof and Taverna Brillo, the pandemic has meant that the range of take-away, catering and home deliveries has increased.

- Take away is a good way to broaden the business. You only produce if there is demand. You can also reach more guests if you offer home deliveries, he says.
With the help of Trivec's solutions and partner integrations, home deliveries and take-away are easy to handle. When an order is placed, food and transport are sold simultaneously, via Foodora and Uber, and the order is co-ordinated with the help of a partner integration in Trivec called Deliverect.

- The food that is sold, regardless of whether it is ordering home deliveries and takeaway or table orders, all goes straight into sales in Trivec's system. This was also a big reason why Brillo chose Trivec, it is all very simple, says Fritiof.
The statistics tool in Trivec is very useful, Fritiof quickly sees what sales look like and what is sold.

Digitilize the restaurant

Fritiof returns to how important it is to get everyone along in a digitalisation. An initial training opportunity and a test period are the key to success. Having someone internally trained in Handy makes it easier to help on site with questions that may arise from the staff.

- That the staff can test the cash register system and mobile solutions and provide input and feedback is very important, he concludes.

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