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Swish - a Swedish payment method

By Anna-Sofia Jonsson, 21 Aug 2019

"Can you pay and I’ll swish my half to you?” How many of us have either said or heard those words? Presumably most of us. The number of payment options around the world grows rapidly, and the development is not slowing down. Since more and more restaurants (in Sweden) are moving towards not accepting cash and digitizing their processes the demand for digital payment methods is increasing. Swish was born.

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What is Swish?

Swish is a Swedish payment method that is used by connecting your digital Bank ID to your phone number. The application enables you to send money from your (prechosen) account by entering the receivers phone number and approving the transaction using your Bank ID. In short.

The prerequisites for using Swish is that both sender and receiver are connected to the application. If not, the sender will get an error and the transaction will be aborted.


Swish & Trivec – how does it work?

The installation itself is rather simple. The Swish button is added as a payment method among the others on your display. It’s easy to use – just the click of a button.
However, you need to be aware that you need to open a Swish-business account. This isn’t something Trivec facilitates.

Swish and Trivec are not integrated with each other. And when you’re going through the cash report after your shift, you will need to ensure that the amount paid according to Trivec and the money deposited to your Swish-account are the same.


Why Swish?

The demand for Swish as a payment method is rapidly growing because of one simple feature: user-friendlyness. Swish is easy to use. And it is very important to meet the clients wants and needs. We are living in a consumer-driven world, since lojalty has a whole different meaning to the new generations. Today’s guests expect a unique and personal food and beverage-experience.

Another advantage is the reduced waiting time. Customers can pay while cueing, which speeds up the service and allows you to welcome more guests by reducing waiting time.
Can you raise your hand when asked the question if you ever spoke the following words (when splitting a bill)? “Can you pay, and I’ll swish you later?” I might be generalizing when I say most of us most likely have. But I don’t think I’m far off the truth.

Additionally, all the payments and refunds are collected the same second as you press send.


Other solutions

By choosing portable payment terminals, you can split a table or print a check, collect payment from several different debit/credit-cards without having to ever leave the table. But there are other things to consider as well.

Put yourself in the guest’s position. Are you more likely to leave a tip if you Swish a payment with a tap on your phone screen or if you get a payment terminal with an odd number in your hand? I know I would round up.



The payment terminals are great to use in combination with Swish. You never know if your guest may have left the wallet at home, or if they prefer tapping a pin code to authorize the payment. If you’re curious to learn more about how to add Swish to your Trivec setup – give us a ring!

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