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"Swedish Brasseries online business grew over 1,000% in the pandemic"

By Louise Harvig Olsmar, 15 Feb 2021

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The restaurant and restaurant industry is currently hard hit by the corona crisis. Niklas Johansson, CEO of Swedish Brasseries (Svenska Brasserier), has worked in the industry for almost ten years. For him, pub life is about encounters between people, encounters that in different ways will change in the wake of the pandemic.

- An entire industry is changing, and it is all about seeing the potential in how you can develop your physical experience and how you can reach those who are not physically at your restaurant, he says.

When we are forced to be social in new ways, we are more at home and that many restaurants have fewer tables in the room and need to have distance between guests and staff, the restaurant industry has been forced to rethink.

- The physical restaurants need new ways to take orders both on the premises and outside, says Niklas.

New digital solutions

With the help of a digital checkout system that makes it possible for the customer to order food in advance and easily specify the time they want to pick up the food, Svenska Brasserier has managed to keep the customer flow going. They also have a digital solution where customers can scan a QR code on the bill and easily pay with the phone. This minimizes queuing and simplifies for the customer. Customers can also order via a digital menu using the phone.

- We have done well under the circumstances. We have succeeded in switching and our digital business with delivery home to the customer has grown by over 1000%, he says.

According to Niklas, a restaurant in the future needs to have an omnichannel mindset.

- To succeed in this transition, digital aids are needed to be able to scale up and deliver a good experience to the customer. We have had great help from Trivec Buddy, Trivec's mobile pos system for restaurants that facilitates ordering and payment, he says.

The restaurant industry and the pandemic

Digitization has accelerated during covid-19. New behavior patterns where above all, ordering food with home delivery has increased sharply. A behavior that is here to stay, says Niklas. Basically, it's still about meetings that take place with food and drink as part of the experience. Today, a customer sometimes wants to eat at a restaurant, sometimes order ready-made food at home and sometimes cook dinner himself and order a dinner bag.

- The market for strong brands is much larger than the number of guests your premises can accommodate. The difference now and in the future is that the customer has many more opportunities, he says. The pandemic shows that some restaurants or businesses have fared better. According to Niklas, it is important to have several business areas to stand on.

- In our group, Stockholm's Food Market has strong growth. For several years, we have worked with high-quality dinner bags as well as with infrastructure for ordering, payment and logistics at the customer's home. We have gained a lot of new customers during the year and mainly in the age group +60 years, Niklas continues.

The swedish call #grytorochkastrullor

There is a call going on right now with the name #grytorochkastrullor to get the government to pay out the support the industry is waiting for.

- The uprising is not about the spread of infection and its restrictions on us as an industry, but the support the Government has communicated which is not yet possible to apply for, let alone get paid. If viable restaurants and companies are not to go bankrupt, the aid must be paid out now, Niklas points out.

Restaurant trends

Future restaurant trends

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