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Reopening of restaurants - 3 essential tools for a successful opening!

By Clémentine Arramon-Tucoo, 11 May 2021

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The summer is on its way and finally restaurants can start to reopen their outdoor dining areas and terraces! Something that you’ve undoubtedly been looking forward to, as well as your customers, who can’t wait to enjoy a drink and a delicious meal at one of your tables. To be prepared in the best possible way, we have listed three solutions for a safe and smooth reopening for restaurant owners and their staff.


1. A digital menu to avoid hygienic risk and simplify ordering

As you reopen, one of your main challenges will be to welcome guests while protecting their health as well as the health of your staff. In this respect, one of the most important measures is to limit the handling of objects by different people. One example of such an object is naturally your restaurant menu.

Imagine giving your customers direct access to your menu on their smartphone?
This is something made possible by Trivec Buddy. Using this application, customers can view your menu directly on their smartphone, after scanning a QR code on the table, and without being required to create an account.

The menu is automatically displayed in the language of that person’s telephone settings (for example, for tourists from Spain the menu will appear in Spanish). You can use the digital menu as only a menu where you guests can create a wish list of orders and order by your wait staff. Or you can use it as an ordering and payment tool for your guests. Where the order goes directly to the kitchen after payment is received.

With no physical menu, there is less risk of contamination and more successful social distancing!


2. Quick tableside ordering for better efficiency

All time spend on going back and forth between the dining area, POS-system and kitchen can be very time-consuming and take up much of your team’s energy.

What if an order tool allowed you to reduce all those trips back and forth, saving you time and energy, and therefore boosting the efficiency of your establishment?

Trivec Handy is a digital solution enabling your team to take orders from your customers at their table with a digital device and send the order instantly to the bar and kitchen.

Waiting staff save 20% of their time, not to mention significant energy by reducing the number of return trips.

As the business owner, you will boost efficiency throughout your value chain by reducing your team’s movements and optimizing order management. In doing so, you will greatly improve the performance and profitability of your establishment.


3. An innovative tool for reservations and customer relations

The restart will probably be intense, particularly in terms of the number of visitors! To best manage the flow of customers who are waiting to sit at one of your tables, it is essential to have efficient tools to manage reservations and customer relationships.

To give you a helping hand we have an integration with Overfull, a French pioneer in digital customer relations for restaurants. With this integration you can manage and optimize your customer relationship from when they book a table, eat at your restaurant and give you a review. Included is a CRM-tool.

  • 24/7 reservations/book a table using a widget which you integrate on your website, social media and Google Business pages. Synchronised with the Trivec POS-solution and handheld devices, the reservation system allows you to view, manage and optimise the flow of customers in real time, straight from the dining area.
  • Integrated CRM tool: once a reservation has been completed, the programme establishes a customer database, according to their profile, preferences, loyalty, and so on. Important information, which can be progressively expanded. In a matter of clicks, the CRM tool generates commercial and promotional offers sent by text message. It will take just 5 minutes to configure and distribute personalised offering about a cocktail-evening och special menu.
  • Customer feedback: immediately after visiting your establishment, your customers will receive a message on their mobile phones inviting them to review their experience on TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, etc. This is a system that allows you to significantly boost the number of positive comments on your restaurant, knowing that for example in France, the average percentage of reviews for an establishment is only 0.3% annually.


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