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More sales channels in the restaurant using QR codes

By Louise Harvig Olsmar, 7 Feb 2022

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With the help of qr codes, it is easy to create more sales channels or sales areas in the venues, areas that are not worth manning. The sales generated via the QR codes are often direct additional sales, sales that you otherwise would not have had. QR codes fit perfectly on a patio during the day or in the evening, in a lounge area of ​​a hotel or on the outdoor terrace. The possibilities are many.

Many restaurants want to be able to offer their guests the opportunity to order and pay without having to wait for wait staff. With the help of qr codes and digital menus it is possible.

Time efficiency with qr codes and digital menus

A strength of digital menus and qr codes is the flexibility, both for you as a restaurant owner and for your guests. Imagine a lunch company that leaves the office but has a meeting to suit within an hour. They can order and pay directly at the table when they arrive.

With digital menus, you do not have to worry about printing new menus for each change or extension. In digital menus, you can quickly change or add special offers, delete items in stock, and add different languages ​​to enhance guest interaction.

Increased additional sales with qr codes

Imagine a summer evening on a packed outdoor terrace where guests want to order new drinks or small dishes long after dinner. By scanning a qr code, they can order from their table without queuing at the bar or waiting for a waitress. The sales that then arise had the waiter perhaps not had time for, alternatively, the guests had not "managed" to queue at the bar for more drinks. Or why not display qr-codes on a secluded terrace of a hotel, a place where it does not pay to have a waiter. In winter, many people use qr codes between lunch and dinner at times with little staff. Or in a bar area with a table.

It has also been shown that additional sales increase with qr codes because it is easy to make additional purchases. In addition to the guest easily seeing what options are available, time is also freed up for the staff who can focus on the guest experience. With the help of qr codes, the number of incorrect orders that are made is also reduced.

Order and pay in Trivec Buddy

Trivec Buddy is a web-based product that allows your customers to order by scanning a qr code, selecting goods and paying. Your customers do not need to register an account or debit card in advance, and do not need to download any app. Trivec Buddy is integrated with Trivec's POS system and is easy to use for staff and guests.

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