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Pepe’s Bodega increased opportunities and revenue with mobile ordering

By Jenny Westerberg, 2 Jun 2021

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Due to Covid-19, the restaurant industry had to rethink and adapt its operations to a new situation and Pepe’s Bodega is no exception. When the pandemic hit hard last year, they took the opportunity to try out Trivec Buddy a mobile order and payment solution.

- The opportunities outweighed the risks, says Jesper. When we had the opportunity to increase our outdoor seating by almost 500 sqm, and at the same time had to keep our distance, Trivec Buddy was a perfect solution to reduce interactions and the spread of infection, as well as to make it easier for the staff, says Jesper Svensson, CEO at Pepe’s Bodega

Jesper Svensson is the CEO of Pepe’s Bodega and has previously worked as a site manager at Pepe’s and been available to help with the operation during the summer seasons. Pepe’s Bodega is open all year around but is most popular during the summer when they have over 150 employees. They have collaborated with Trivec for many years.

Increased service with Trivec Buddy

Thanks to Trivec Buddy, the serving staff can focus more on guiding guests correctly and ensure them that all recommendations and safety measures is being followed in the best possible way. The focus with Trivec Buddy was not to reduce staff costs but to ensuring the guests the best possible experience so that they feel safe.

- We were afraid that we would have to say no to guests, because it’s difficult to know how to plan the hours of the staff due to the uncertainty that has been. But Trivec Buddy has served as a good complement to the staff and has made it possible for us to say yes to customers instead of no, continues Jesper.

Despite a different and uncertain summer, sales have been quite good for Pepe’s Bodega. On sunny day they sold for around 50,000 – 70,000 SEK via Trivec Buddy.

- I am impressed that Buddy has delivered during peak times. The support has also been a fantastic help for us. I joked a bit with our bar manager and said that I think we can turn over more with Trivec Buddy than you can deliver at the bar. He did not believe that, but he was convinced, says Jesper.


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