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One hot bartrend you must keep an eye on 2024

By Louise Harvig Olsmar, 25 Mar 2024

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Use ingredients smartly

Implementing smarter ingredient use and waste reduction strategies in the hospitality industry, specifically in bars and restaurants, can significantly impact both the environment and the bottom line.

Here are several actionable strategies that align with the principles mentioned:

Maximize ingredient usage

Keep an yes on your ingredients. Make a:

Audit ingredient use: Conduct regular audits to identify which ingredients are most frequently wasted and develop strategies to utilize them more effectively.

Try cross-utilization of ingredients: Use versatile ingredients across multiple dishes or drinks.

Base your menu on Ingredient planning: Design your menu around the ingredients you already have, especially those that are perishable or have been bought in bulk, to ensure they are used to their full potential before going bad.

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Adopt eco-friendly practices

Working sustainably pays off in the end.

Composting: For unavoidable waste, such as vegetable peelings or coffee grounds, composting is a viable solution. This not only reduces waste but can also be used as a marketing point to attract environmentally conscious customers.

Sustainable sourcing: Prioritize ingredients that are produced in a sustainable manner, including those that are organic, fair trade, or locally sourced, reducing carbon footprint and supporting local economies.

Local producers and homemade ingredients

Build relationships with local farmers and producers.

Build local partnerships:  This not only ensures a steady supply of fresh ingredients but also helps in creating a menu that reflects local flavors and traditions.

DIY ingredients: Invest in making ingredients in-house, such as syrups, bitters, and fermentations. This not only reduces packaging waste but also allows for unique flavor profiles that set your offerings apart.

Manage surpluses creatively

Try to reduce overordering and waste by keeping track of whats left on the plates.

Inventory management software: Utilize technology to keep a precise track of stock levels and predict ordering needs more accurately, thus reducing overordering and waste.

Special deals on surplus items: Offer discounts or create special menu items using ingredients that are in surplus to ensure they don't go to waste. This can also generate interest and attract customers looking for a deal or something new.
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Educate and engage staff and customers

Many people would like to work in a restaurant or bar who cares about the environment. Being part of a full-circular system encourages employees at the norweigan bar Himkok to stay for a long time. Making people feel rooted in the values creates loyalty for the right people.

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Staff training: Educate your staff about the importance of waste reduction and how they can contribute by following new procedures or suggesting ideas for using leftovers creatively.

Customer engagement: Inform your customers about your sustainability efforts through marketing and in-house information. This not only builds your brand's image but also encourages customers to participate in your eco-friendly initiatives, like opting for reusable containers.

Monitor and adjust

Continuously monitor the effectiveness of your waste reduction strategies and make adjustments as needed.

Regularly review practices: Stay informed about new sustainability practices and technologies that can enhance your efforts.

Implementing these strategies requires commitment but can significantly enhance your establishment's sustainability, customer appeal, and financial health. It's a dynamic process that evolves with your business, customer preferences, and the broader environmental landscape.



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