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The end of day are automatically sent to the accounting firm

Av Rebecca Cajander, 29 mar 2022

Fortsett å lese - 2 min lesetid

We talk to Viktor Forsberg, at Vamo's paddle club in Kalmar. The club has several paddle courts and a bistro with 50 seats. Viktor chose Trivec when he needed an order and payment solution that sends orders directly to the kitchen and because he wanted to open up for more sources of income in the venues. He also likes the smooth flow that the integration with Fortnox entails.

- The pos system is integrated with the financial system Fortnox, we never need to devote ourselves to end of days or accounting. All figures are sent directly to our accounting firm, says Viktor.

Viktor Forsberg is satisfied with Trivec's solutions. In addition to the stationary pos, they also have a mobile pos with which they take orders out on the premises. The orders from the "staff" are sent directly to the kitchen, which has a Kitchen Display System set up.

- The digital flow means that it never goes wrong. What is entered at the checkout enters the kitchen and is displayed on the screen there. We do not have a lot of notes in the kitchen. And the system is user-friendly and works for many payment methods, says Viktor.

End of days do themselves

Viktor never has to do anything manually when it comes to finances. End of day makes itself in Fortnox. The closures automatically go on to the accounting firm, completely paperless.

- If I want, I can make my own report at the end of the day and see the end of the day. It is easy to get a total amount for the day. I can also see what has been sold and at what times. But the big job, with cash closing and accounting, happens automatically, says Viktor.

New points of sale with qr codes

Vamo's paddle club also has Trivec Buddy, a solution from Trivec that makes it possible for guests to order and pay via qr codes. Via Buddy, Viktor's takeaway has grown and customers can order from home via a digital menu and pay directly via the solution.

- We are also up and running and will test qr codes out in the paddle club and in the changing rooms as extra sales channels. We thought we would see how it is received, Viktor concludes.

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