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Trend 3: Mesmerizing restaurant experiences spark senses beyond flavour

Av Jenny Westerberg, 3 jun 2022

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Diversity, quality and experience are high on the list of needs for restaurant-goers in 2022.

Taking diners beyond great food and service

The restaurant is set to become a stage in 2022 as restaurants wanting to go beyond just great food and service are set to increase. Taking diners to another place or bringing the restaurant to life either through visuals or in some cases with the restaurant staff themselves, are some trends we expect to see more of this year. Along with creating an environment through restaurant layout, design and build along with audio and sensory technology.

Pop up restaurants

The pop-up restaurant trend is also set to stay. The flexibility and fun offering of a pop-up restaurant offers diners something they often can't get anywhere else and something restaurant owners are now fully embracing. Restaurants that can offer a simple or even set menu often charge more than they would normally if coupled as a destination or themed style pop up, although the pop-up has a shelf life it is proving a great driver to raise awareness and drive revenue back to restaurant owners stationary premises.

The role of the restaurant in the community

Restaurants that are rooted in the local community and its culture or are seen as a friendly meeting place or gathering point have become pillars of that community in recent years. This growing trend of being close to local initiatives and serving a community is not a new trend but certainly, one that has been heavily revisited and important through the pandemic and something we expect to see continue this year. The benefit to the business is being better acquainted with the needs and wants of a customer base, providing an experience that is truly reflected in the wants and needs of diners.


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