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Strategies to boost your restaurant's patronage

Av Louise Harvig Olsmar, 25 sep 2023

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If you want to attract more guests to your restaurant, it's not enough to have full seatings. By targeting a broader audience, you can welcome new guests, whether it's through innovative concepts, offers, or home delivery.

Here we present 7 ways you can stand out from the rest.

Diversify your clientele

Adjust your target audience to tap into different revenue avenues. If you cater primarily to budget diners, contemplate initiatives or dishes appealing to higher-end clientele, which may mean updating your restaurant's decor or premiering a gourmet dish.

Encourage incremental purchases

Beyond table occupancy, smart upselling boosts revenues. Striking the right balance ensures customers aren’t overwhelmed. Train your staff to:

    • Highlight dishes with significant profit margins.
    • Position top-earning dishes prominently on menus.
    • Offer supplementary choices complementing main selections.
    • Be specific when suggesting add-ons, like naming beverages explicitly.

Introduce Live Entertainment

Elevate the dining mood with live performances; scheduling musical acts on weekends can offer an unparalleled ambiance.

Roll out exclusive promotions

To stimulate patronage during off-peak times, consider offering deals like a free dish for every fifth diner, complimentary beverages, discounts, or birthday treats.

Champion customer loyalty programs

With customer acquisition often costlier than retention, reward loyalty. Loyalty schemes not only enhance customer relations but also encourage revisits. To make it effective:

  • Replace tangible loyalty cards with convenient mobile apps.
  • Simplify the reward structure without excessive conditions.
  • Showcase the unique advantages, tapping into customers' FOMO.
  • Delight with free goodies – be it drinks, desserts, or appetizers.
  • Leverage email campaigns, social platforms, and SEO to nurture loyalty, banking on the potent word-of-mouth from regulars.

Carve out a unique identity

Amidst numerous restaurants with similar offerings, it's imperative to set your brand apart. Recognize and market your unique selling propositions, crafting a brand identity that potential customers identify and remember.

Stay in sync with industry progressions

Being updated on restaurant trends ensures you're in tune with market demands. Keep an eye on:

  • Growing inclination towards wholesome, organic, and plant-based dishes.
  • Sustainable practices and active steps towards waste reduction.
  • The upswing of online food ordering and home deliveries, intensified by the pandemic.
  • Revisions in menu and pricing due to supply chain challenges and inflationary pressures.
  • Technological integrations, such as QR-based menus, self-serve kiosks, and advanced POS systems.For restaurateurs leading the charge, evolving with changing societal and industry landscapes keeps you relevant to your clientele, fostering enduring business success.

    Download: The Future of Restaurant Service

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