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Put your focus on the guest and turn tables faster – how to succeed!

Av Jenny Westerberg, 19 des 2022

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How can you increase the guest focus and at the same time turn tables faster and boost your sales in your restaurant? In this article we will show you how to reach these goals.

Today when you visit a restaurant, did you know that on average the wait staff walks back and forth to the POS-system and your table 5-6 times? Greeting you, then taking orders, entering orders in the POS, taking additional orders, the entire check-out process –   leave the bill, go back and retrieve the card terminal. All these steps take a lot of time!

Take orders and payments with a handheld POS

With a handheld restaurant POS you minimize the time spent running back and forth across the restaurant. The wait staff have one device in their hand, where they can easily take both orders and payments. The orders are sent directly to the bar and kitchen. And the servers can continue to talk and take orders or payments from guests in the dining area, instead of going back to the POS and entering the orders.


Focus on the guest experience 

The focus and service towards your guests will increase with the waitstaff always present in the dining area. You will not miss any add-on sales such as a glass of wine, dessert, coffee or aperitifs.

In Trivec’s handheld POS HandyPay, we have a clear table plan, to help the wait staff to keep track of their tables and see what orders have been made and delivered. To be able to give the best possible service and have the right timing to approach the table and ask the right type of upsell questions. Do you like to have more to drink, a dessert, aperitif etc.?  


Turn tables faster and increase sales

Using a mobile POS means that orders from the tables are sent much faster to the kitchen, approximately 3-4 minutes. Which also means that the food is ready to be served faster to the guests. And when it is time to pay, the check-out process is just as smooth. The wait staff can take the payments immediately. All of this means faster table turn over and increased sales. 

Easy to split bills and earn more tip 

We know the process to split the bill can be quite messy and take a long time. This is why we have made it very easy in Trivec’s Handheld POS (HandyPay) to split the bill. 

  • You can split the bill by product, so each person only pays what they have eaten and drunk (even half a bottle of wine).
  • You can split the bill equally, so everyone pays the same amount.

It has become more and more common to give tips via your card today. We have made this process very smooth as well:

  • Add tip by predetermined percentage tip rates (we have seen an increase in tip with this set-up).
  • Add tip by entering the total amount with tip included
  • Or by adding a self-selected amount directly to the total amount

All in all, working with a handheld POS gives your restaurant a lot of advantages, both for the guests and for the staff. If you would like to know more on how to use Trivec’s handheld POS HandyPay in your business, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We would love to help you!


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