Increasing tips as a waitress is an art form, but with the right approach, you can improve your chances of earning more. Here are two tips that can help you:

Improve customer experience with personalized service: Customers appreciate when they feel valued. By memorizing regulars' names and their favorite orders, or by asking about any special requests or allergies, you show that you care about their experience. A personal touch, such as remembering small details or making recommendations based on the customer's preferences, can make a big impression. This can lead to a more positive experience for the guest and, in turn, increase tips.

Be attentive and proactive: Being attentive to your guests' needs without being intrusive is an important balance to strike. Try to anticipate what they might need before they even ask. It could be anything from refilling their water glass, offering extra napkins, or quickly addressing any issues that arise during the meal. Quick and efficient service, combined with a friendly and accommodating manner, can make guests feel well cared for, which can encourage them to leave more in tips.


Fixed percentages for tips – "noticeable increase in tips"

Whether guests should give tips and how much they should give is a question that is often discussed around the tables in city restaurants. If a service is of high quality, guests often leave tips. The question is how much to tip and whether guests are willing to give a little more if it becomes easier to quickly calculate how much to tip.

In HandyPay, you can choose to have fixed tipping percentages. With fixed tipping percentages, it becomes easier for the guest to calculate the tip amount against the total amount. When they tap or swipe their card, they immediately get some options. The most common is to choose, for example, 5, 10, or 15% for tips. The options "Optional amount" or "No tip" are also available. We at Trivec have listened to our customers who say that the average tip has increased when the guest no longer needs to calculate themselves or just rounds up. It is more complicated to enter a total amount at the moment and try to relate to it!

Integration with e.g. personnel system

Trivec offers an ecosystem of partners. Through an integration with personnel system you can keep track of working hours, vacation and tips in an efficient way.

Happy guests, happier staff!


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