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How Himkok encourages employees to stay for a long time

Av Louise Harvig Olsmar, 22 feb 2024

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How did the Norwegian bar Himkok in Oslo become one of the most sustainable bars globally? And what's the unexpected benefit? At Himkok, the circular system is integral to daily operations, engaging all employees in its values. These values encourage employees to commit for the long term.

Sebastian Sandvik, the head barman at Himkok, takes great pride in Himkok's ranking as 10th in 'The World’s 50 Best Bars'. He is equally proud of winning the most sustainable bar award in 2018, marking Himkok as one of the most environmentally conscious bars worldwide. Adopting a circular sustainability mindset, Himkok sets an example in the bar industry.

Here's their strategy.

Building a reputation alongside suppliers

Sebastian is keen on motivating bars worldwide to adopt sustainability. He acknowledges that initiating sustainable practices can be costly and time-consuming. However, he points out that using ingredients intelligently for both food and drinks eventually leads to cost savings. He suggests forming lasting relationships with local suppliers to foster trust and, over time, negotiate prices.

He advises showcasing to suppliers the potential of their products and building a reputation together. "Our suppliers are listed on the menu," he notes.


Engaging all employees in sustainability efforts

Sustainability efforts result in long-term employee retention, Sebastian repeatedly observes. Introducing new employees to sustainability practices and holding monthly meetings to discuss the circular model are key components. Instilling a sense of belonging to the values fosters loyalty among the right individuals.

Sebastian recalls, "When we began, a notable advantage was that implementing a closed-loop system enhanced team spirit, and people stayed longer because they felt a sense of inclusion and shared values. That is the essence of sustainability."

Read full interview with Sebastian Sandvik at Himkok here!

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