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Faster order and payment flow thanks to QR codes for restaurants

Av Jenny Westerberg, 16 feb 2022

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Svenska Brasserier is a restaurant group in Stockholm and the owner of Sturehof, Riche and Brillo for instance. In a conversation with their Chief Digital Officer, Kenneth Grönlund, we discussed how digitalisation and QR codes have helped them to raise their service level another step.

‘Now we can meet guests’ demands for fast payments, and above all broaden the payment options we offer them.’

Kenneth says that customer surveys have revealed that guests think it takes too long to order and pay. All other measured values have received high marks. They found the solution to the more problematic marks in digitisation.

‘With QR codes, we can receive payment in new places inside and outside the premises’

Svenska Brasserier uses QR codes in many different ways, from digital menus to orders and easy payment.

‘We have many different concepts, everything from AIRA, which is a Michelin restaurant, to Taverna Brillo, which is aimed at a younger category. We have a breadth in our business where QR codes are useful in all restaurants but in different ways.’

The group uses Tivec Buddy in all restaurants. On all preliminary bills, they print a QR code, which gives guests the opportunity to pay whenever they want. They tested another area of use at the Emmer restaurant, where they had placed QR codes on the tables out in the garden during summer. Guests could scan it to place orders and pay.

‘We saw this as smooth for us and something that was also appreciated by many guests. Most guests used it because they did not have to leave the table to order. We see that the guest prefer to pay via a QR code at lunch, probably because it is fast and that many have appointments after lunch.’

In larger groups at an outdoor restaurant, no one needs to leave to place an order. Everyone can remain at the table and order more drinks or a dessert. Kenneth expands on how he views Buddy’s flexibility:

‘With Buddy, it is important to find the right place to use the QR codes. It can be for parts of the business or the whole business. It’s great for an outdoor seating. It can also be good for large dinner events and sittings where the food is prepaid by a company, but the drink must be paid for by each guest. There are simply many uses for it.’

Download 10 steps to a digital restaurant here.

Increased digital customer behaviours

Kenneth has extensive experience in digital transformation, where a lot is about merging a traditional business with a digital leg. And thus meet the changing consumer behaviour.

‘My role at Svenska Brasserier is to see how we can meet the guest’s changed and increased demands. Today’s guests primarily use their mobile phones. In our industry, the physical meeting has been the most important and still is, but we know how important it is for the guests to have a smooth digital experience throughout the guest journey. It is a journey that begins before you come to us at our physical restaurants.’

He emphasises that the clearest advantages have been regarding service and increased choice.

‘Here we have seen very positive reactions from guests – that we give them the opportunity to decide for themselves how they want to pay. Before digitalisation, our staff had to spend a lot of time on administration. And if we can move that time to the meeting with the guest, we can enhance their experience. We do not force using a QR code on anyone, but many people find it practical and easy.’

Easy digitalisation with QR codes

Another benefit Kenneth identifies is the agility of the technology.

‘It’s definitely a strong trend. Not quite the same requirements in Sweden as in New York at the moment, but it’s heading in that direction. It’s so simple because you do not need any app installed at all. You just open the camera on your mobile phone, and it will take you to the payment window. If you also have Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, you pay with a fingerprint and that’s it. It goes incredibly fast, much, much faster than via a card terminal.’

Although the technology is relatively simple, it means new processes for the staff, and for those who are considering starting the digital journey with QR codes, Kenneth highlights the importance of training and passing on information to the staff.

‘What is important to remember when implementing QR codes is the processes in the restaurant. We are used to coming up with menus and card terminals. Now we need to see how best to work with the new tools so that they become a natural part of everyday life. So that the serving staff feel comfortable with any questions that may come. We train staff all the time, but now we train more and more in the digital arena.’

Advantages of an integrated system

The reason why Svenska Brasserier chose Trivec is primarily about integration opportunities and flexibility. That with Trivec you get a complete system with Buddy and QR codes as an integral part.

‘We have had Trivec as a point-of-sale system for many years and so it became natural for us to use their Buddy solution. The advantage for us is that it is integrated with the point-of-sale system. We are a large group and we want simple accounting and not money to come from different sources. We want to have all statistics and everything else go through our pos system. There are a lot of upstarts, but they are often not integrated with a pos system. And then separate workflows and separate financial reconciliations emerge. You would make it easier for the guest but build in extra administration for us as a company.’

And even though service and choices for the customer have been the primary reason, Sveriges Brasserier has seen a direct effect on sales.

‘Larger average receipts if the guests order themselves’

‘What we can see is that there can be larger average receipts if the guests order on their own. I think it’s because it’s easier. And also, if I sit alone without service staff waiting at the table, I think it over for another thirty seconds and order a little more.’

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