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6 tips for generating new revenue streams in your restaurant

Av Louise Harvig Olsmar, 18 apr 2024

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Finding new revenue streams in a restaurant is easier with the right tools. You don't need to overhaul your entire restaurant operation, you just need to use the right type of tools and use them a little smarter.

Generate more revenue streams with a handheld pos

Improve service

When guests arrive at the restaurant, get the first drinks on the table faster as you seat them. Take an instant order and send it straight to the bar with a hand held POS HandyPay. Increase up-sell and get noticed.


Increase revenue per table

With a handheld POS, staff can stay at the tables, they don't have to run back and forth to the POS. This gives staff more time to upsell and make recommendations. In the handeheld POS, the kitchen can leave notes on what to recommend, making it easier for staff to suggest drinks or side orders to go with certain dishes. Orders are sent to the kitchen immediately.


Process bills faster

Guests can pay as they go. This means you can turn tables faster, welcome new guests more quickly and increase your turnover.


Be efficient on patios and other dining areas

A handheld POS is the solution to crowded outdoor patios, bar queues and packed outdoor dining areas. If you like, you can use the device to take orders and serve guests yourself, complementing the fixed POS in the bar. Guests will feel noticed and queues will be shorter. Staying in front of people and not running back and forth to the POS system to enter orders or pick up payment terminals will increase sales as a handhelpd POS is very flexible.


Fixed tip percentages

In some handheld POS terminals, like our HandyPay terminal you can choose different tipping options: fixed tip percentages, total amount including tip or a selected amount directly on the total amount. Fixed tip percentages increase the tip, allowing guests to choose between 5%, 10% or 15% has resulted in increased tips, people tend to leave more tips with fixed tip percentages.

Augmenter les pourboires restaurant - Trivec

New roles in the restaurant – a handheld POS + runners

Working with a handheld POS device you can easily change the roles in your restaurant. Putting some knowledgeable and competent staff on the floor to talk to customers and take orders will increase the level of service. Combine this with having runners to carry out food and drinks. The senior staff are no longer running back and forth to the payment terminal and never really need to leave the floor. This creates new career paths in the industry, which can be an incentive to attract people.

HandyPay is Trivec's handheld POS, 2-in-1 solution

HandyPay is both an ordering and a payment device. As an ordering solution, HandyPay makes it easier for service staff to send orders directly to the bar or kitchen. As a payment solution, HandyPay simplifies the payment process by allowing you to accept payments directly when the guest asks to pay.

HandyPay is now available at Westpay (Nordic countries), where you can choose your acquirer and we can offer attractive acquiring agreements from several providers. Westpay's terminals are fast, wireless, have a glass screen and a built-in receipt printer. HandyPay is also available on Adyen terminals.

HandyPay on Westpay

Favourable transaction fees


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