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Liseberg saves an average of 20% in time per party with Trivec Buddy

By Jenny Westerberg, 6 Dec 2021

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Liseberg currently has 12 restaurants in the park, including Rondo where they host shows like Mamma Mia. The Park has 3.5 million guests a year and a turnover of SEK 1.2 billion. It is incredibly important for Liseberg that they can offer their restaurant guests a high and efficient service for food and drinks.

A big challenge ahead of the summer season was finding experienced restaurant staff, says Nico Schaak, Operations Manager for Restaurants at Liseberg. They had begun to investigate whether there were any smart technical solutions that could help them. The choice fell on Trivec Buddy, a mobile order and payment solution, which means that the guests order and pay for their food via a mobile phone.

Trivec Buddy helps Liseberg increase turn-over per table

With the help of Trivec Buddy, Liseberg were able to maintain the same high level of service to guests with a larger number of less experienced staff, which also led to an increase in turnover per staff. Liseberg could to a greater extent use runners who only need to carry out the food, since the guest already ordered and paid with their mobile phone.

- We save an average of 20% in time per party with Trivec Buddy, which means that our guests get a higher service today and we have increased our turn-over per table, which is important for our profitability, says Nico Schaak, Operations Manager for Restaurants at Liseberg.

Good collaboration with Trivec and happy restaurant guests

Trivec and Liseberg have a long collaboration behind them. During the rollout of Trivec Buddy, Trivec's team was supporting Liseberg before, during and after the launch of Trivec Buddy, which Nico appreciates enormously.

Nico and his team have been able to brainstorm ideas and have a counterpart who has supported them in finding solutions to their challenges. Trivec had several consultants on site the first day when Trivec Buddy went live, to see that everything worked as it should.

- We have a very good collaboration with Trivec, they help us increase our service level and efficiency with new digital solutions such as Trivec Buddy, says Nico Schaak.

Liseberg was a bit worried what their guests would say before the launch of Trivec Buddy since they were used to a different order and payment flow. But it has gone much better than expected. Guests find it easy and have no problem using their mobile to order and pay. In this way, Nico says, the pandemic has probably been an advantage, the whole society has become more digital.

Streamlined beverage sales during the shows at Rondo

Liseberg also use Trivec Buddy at Rondo, where they have shows like Mamma Mia. At Rondo, guests have pre-ordered the food via their entrance ticket and buy their drinks at the venue. It’s very important that the wait staff can quickly take orders and payments from the guests during the show.

They use Trivec Handy, which is a mobile solution for the staff to take orders at the table. In Trivec Handy you can easily split bills in many ways and the guests can use Trivec Buddy to pay, where Swish is the most popular payment method. It has really made it easier for the wait staff at Rondo to be able to take orders and payments in a simple and efficient way.

- With the help of an easy-to-use digital ordering solution for the serving staff, where they can split bills in several ways and the guest can pay with Swish via Trivec Buddy, we have really streamlined our beverage sales at our shows at Rondo, says Nico Schaak.

Nico has several plans for future restaurants in Liseberg that they will open where Trivec's team is involved in both the operational side and product development.

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