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Health-conscious food will dominate menus in 2022

By Jenny Westerberg, 21 Mar 2022

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The pandemic alerted us all to the importance of health and wellbeing and we are more aware than ever before of the food we eat and where it comes from. In 2022 we predict the healthy food trend will continue apace. Traditional dining restaurants, fast food establishments and even delivery-based food businesses are offering healthy meal options as standard fare, and this will continue to increase this year.

Demand for nourishing foods for mind and body

As the healthy food trend takes pace, we also predict there will be an increased demand for restaurants serving foods that are kind to our minds and bodies. Restaurants that can offer nutrient boosting foods such as pre-biotics and pro-biotics for gut health, alternatives to dairy and superfoods to boost our brainpower, for example, will be more likely to retain business from their loyal customers. Being able to market the benefits of these foods in their menus will also be key to attracting customers.

A growing hunger for plant-based foods

Veganism has grown incredibly in the last six years and the United Nations predicts that there are around 79 million vegans worldwide today. A growing hunger for plant-based foods has seen more restaurants choosing to decrease the meat options that they offer. The international restaurant chain, Wagamama, for example, recently announced that 50 per cent of their menu is now vegan. Fast food chains are also ensuring they have vegan choices on their menus to suit a growing customer base. Vegan foods are set to continue to be a big trend in 2022 and an important addition for restauranteurs wishing to maximise their offering.

Diners will choose restaurants based on their diets

Despite a growing trend in veganism, people will still be eating meat this year. A growing trend towards flexitarian diets is expected in 2022. People will be reducing their consumption of meat, dairy and eggs without cutting them out completely and expecting better quality meats and produce when they do eat them. Consumers will also expect much more transparency around the food they eat and where it comes from.


Fresh, seasonable food

In 2022 diners will increasingly be looking for restaurants that serve locally sourced produce. The buying and sourcing from local farms trend isn’t going anywhere, in fact as supply chain issues continue to affect the world, buying locally makes business sense. It saves on the large shipping costs associated with international produce and ensures the produce is of the freshest quality as it hasn’t been frozen to lengthen its shelf life.


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