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Most popular blog posts in 2020 for restaurateurs

Af Jenny Westerberg, 16 dec. 2020

Fortsæt læsning - 2 min læsningstid

2020 is coming to an end and it has certainly been a difficult year for us and our customers. The pandemic has hit the hospitality industry hard. We have focused on helping our customers in the best possible way and continued our focus on developing strategic and useful solutions. On the blog we have written several posts around the pandemic through the year and many of them are top trending blogposts.

Here are the five most read blogposts from our blog this year. We hope you find them useful!

Happy holidays!


1. How you can save the hospitality market from the Corona crisis

COVID crisis_SE(1)+NO(1)+DK(1)+EN(4)+BE-NL(4)

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, cities and entire countries are more and more limiting restaurants to takeout and delivery only. Here is how you can best avoid health risks and support your favorite local eateries, while staying in business.

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2. Our turnover is 38% of what it was before Corona

38 procent_NO(2)+DK(2)

I have interviewed Martin Sjöstrand, who runs three restaurants in Skåne to hear how they survive the Corona crisis and what measures they have had to take and what Martin thinks about the future.

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3. Digital crash course for restaurateurs - part 2: Social Media


In my last blog post, I talked about the importance of setting website goals. Two specifically. Based on these goals build a clear structure, so visitors easily know what to do. In today's blog I will focus on how you reach and attract new customers and drive traffic to your website with the use of social media.

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4. How the crisis is experienced by HIMKOK - 17th best bar in the world


HIMKOK is currently ranked number 17 on the list of the world's best bars and has now been ranked on the prestigious “The Worlds 50 Best Bars” list for the past 4 years. On this premises, they produce their own Aquavit, Gin and Vodka and the goal is to spread Norway's flavors around the world. This is something they keep close to heart. We sat down with Odd Strandbakken, bar manager at HIMKOK, and discussed how they experience the existing crisis and what they believe the future looks like.

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5. Celebrate Valentine's Day with a fully booked restaurant

It is almost that time of year. Valentine's Day comes knocking on the door and I want to help you get a fully booked restaurant filled with lovebirds and people ready to celebrate love. To succeed, you need to prepare the restaurant and staff properly. Will there be music playing during service? If yes, should there be a live band? Will there be a Valentine’s Day menu? Also, you need ways to communicate with potential guests regarding your offer and reservations. I will give you hands-on, specific tips on how to succeed.

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