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Several card terminals to one POS-system was crucial for O`Learys

By Louise Harvig Olsmar, 25 Oct 2021

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When the world's largest O'Learys opened its doors in the Mall of Scandinavia Trivec's POS system was an obvious choice. O'Learys needed a system that could handle many payments at the same time at high pressure and has a high user-friendliness in the systems.

- Several card terminals for POS system, high user-friendliness in the systems and smooth integrations with other systems made the decision, says Per Westin, Operation Manager at O'Learys.

Many payments at the same time

For O'Learys, it is important to have a POS system that can handle many payments at the same time. By connecting several card terminals to one cash register, the payment flow in the restaurant was facilitated. Trivec's POS system supports multi-pay, which means that you can take many payments at the same time and thus never miss a payment.

Smooth integrations

With Trivec's POS system, you can also integrate a variety of solutions that facilitate your restaurant business. The integrations for daily sales reports and Intercard systems work smoothly.

- I like that it is easy to integrate with the various systems, including the Intercard system with which we run all our games on. It is like a gift card that you can upload. That integration communicates smoothly with the POS system, says Per.

The reports are fast and smooth and are easy to build. Previous systems which Pär has tested, was much slower and the reports could take up a lot of data. He does not have that problem today.

Trivec support

Per is very satisfied with the POS system and points out how well and smoothly it all flows. When something urgent has happened, Trivec's support is close at hand.

- We have had an incredibly good dialogue with Trivec through the whole journey. They absorb everything we say, they listen and have solved the problems that have arisen, he says.

"The search function is one of the best functions"

Having a POS system that works well is of course a must for restaurants. But it is also important to have functions that make everyday life easier and make it easy for the staff to familiarize themselves with the cash register system. One of these functions is the search function, according to Per.

- The search function is really among the best. You need almost no other buttons, if you do not find anything you can search and quickly get articles, he says.

Thanks to the search function, even the new employees can quickly use the system. They do not have to waste precious time finding and scrolling through buttons. The system itself has high user-friendliness.

"The whole system is simple"

- The staff find it easy to understand Trivec's system and we can make all adjustments ourselves - quickly and easily, he says

With his 23 years in the industry, Per is aware of what works and he can recommend the pos system to others.

- I can definitely recommend Trivec's POS system. It's fast and safe, Per concludes.

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