Since 1863, Berns has been open for dining, dancing and festivities in breathtaking venues, serving food and beverage of absolute to class, with great service and stunning details. Restaurant manager, Anna Lundblad, invites us to the world of Berns by letting us in on the building’s history, grand jubilee, as well as how Trivec has been and will continue to play an important role in the daily business.

Realized the need for a new POS system early on

In 2017 when Anna took on her new role as restaurant manager for Berns she realized the need to invest in a new POS system.

“Some of the necessary functionality was missing, like customizing reports for example. As a restaurant manager, with budget responsibilities, it’s hard to investors and owners any real data and on how the restaurant is performing if you can’t access the numbers.”

The job as a restaurant manager at Berns consists of a few parts. Running the daily operations and making sure the staff is well and ready to work. Optimize and maximize. Therefore, it was time to find a new supplier to support Anna on a daily basis.


Trivec Domino, a perfect fit for Berns

My previous experiences with Trivec made me invite them to have a conversation”, Anna says. “The system is very intuitive, and even though a few staff members haven’t worked with the system before they are up and running in no time”.

I didn’t need to compare to anyone else, I knew right away that Trivec was a perfect fit for Berns.

Anna didn’t have previous experience from Trivec Domino, which is the newer Trivec platform. “I was pleasantly surprised by Domino. A few years has passed since I last used Trivec, which most likely was to my advantage, thinking it would all be the same, but Domino really exceeded my expectations.”


The integrations that were missing

  • Staffing/workforce management. Managing the staffing takes a great amount of time if done manually. Berns is a quite large organization with 150 full-time employees, and about 200 part-time.
  • Digitized cash reports. In total, Berns has 39 cash tills, and 80+ integrated, portable payment terminals divided between the different restaurants, bars and the hotel. In combination with digitized tips management the restaurant saves about 2 hours daily. That equals many hours in a year.
  • Customized reports. When Anna Lundblad it soon became very clear that customized reports were needed to prove the performance and results of the business’ daily operations.

One thing I greatly appreciate about Trivec is that everyone there understands our daily struggles and challenges. Every support representative has experience from the restaurant business and speak our language.

Berns & Trivec in the future

Anna expresses that the collaboration with Trivec will continue to be close. “Sometimes it feels like I’m working for Trivec, or that they work at Berns as if we were colleagues. It’s very unique. You have each other’s backs att all times.”

To Berns, and Anna, Trivec is so much more than a simple supplier. Instead, she talks about Trivec as a partner to Berns, and says she hopes the bond grows stronger moving forward.

You can always trust Trivec.


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