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Add your restaurant business to Google Maps

By Rebecca Cajander, 21 Apr 2021

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The fact that many people search for restaurants nearby on Google is hardly anything new, and most restaurant owners probably agree that they want to be visible in the search results. Being on Google Maps is a must if you like local restaurant visitors to find you as easily as possible. Improving visibility on Google may seem cumbersome and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be! Follow this guide to get your restaurant business on the map - literally.

Step 1: Create a Google Account

If your business does not already have a Google Account, it's time to create one. You do it easily here. Register the account with your company's email domain.

Step 2: Add your business through Google My Business

Go to Google My Business. Sign in with your Google Account, then enter your business address. Then choose how you want the company to be visible depending on whether you serve customers at your company address or not. Once you’ve done this, just select the business category and enter a phone number or the URL to your website. Finally, you get to choose an option for how you want to verify the company.

Step 3:Add your business via Google Maps

Sign into Google Maps. You can add your business in three different ways:

  1. Enter your address in the search field. Click Add your Company to the left of the company profile.
  2. Right-click anywhere on the map. Then click Add your Business.
  3. Click the menu at the top left and then Add your Business. 

Once you have added your business, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration.

Step 4: Claim your business

Open Google Maps. Enter your company name in the search field and choose the right one. Then click Claim Company > Manage Now. Select a verification option again and follow the instructions. 

Once you have completed all the steps, your business information (such as address and opening hours) will be visible to customers when they search via Google Maps, and in addition, the company will appear in the search results when a customer wants hits near their location. It’s not harder than that - and the short amount of time it takes to fix will definitely pay off.


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